How Do I Stop My Dog From Barking ?

Dog Barking can be stopped.

First make sure your dog is not barking to protect you. He is our best friend.
Dog Barking can occur at many times for the various reasons.
  • Your dog may bark at a noise, or someone’s movement.
  • If outside your dog may be an irritant to your neighbors just barking at a leaf blowing.
  • It could be the mailman or another visitor, children walking home from school, a passing car.
  • It might be a more apparent reason such as thunder or lightning.
  • How about when the doorbell rings?
  • Children playing in the home.

OK -so how do I stop my dog from barking?

You will have to try to anticipate when he will bark and at who in order to start a therapy.
Have a bunch of special treats ready. Ones that he really likes.
Be careful not to give him a treat when he keeps barking as he will recognize that as a reward.
As an example if he starts barking when the doorbell rings or he hears some miscellaneous noise- Softly but firmly tell him  -be quiet- but at the same time bring out his treat, let him notice and smell it.  As he settles down -then reward him. You may have to repeat this several times before your dog knows that- be quiet-means to stop barking with or without a treat.


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