House Training Puppy Problems

OH NO–Pee Pee and Poop-How do I prevent house training puppy  problems?

This is one of those nasty things that none of us like to deal with but it is a necessary one to solve as early as possible with puppies and sometimes with older dogs as well.
House training a puppy, needs a lot of patience as your puppy doesn’t know what is expected of him just like a child until taught.
It is especially frustrating when the puppy does poop and then tracks it all over and gets it on himself too.
What a clean up job that is.


  • As with all puppy and dog training you must keep your puppy calm. So don’t holler at him and above all do not put his nose in it.  He does not know what that means. Although it is hard to do you must keep calm for your dog to be calm.
  • As you train him, each time he does the correct thing you must give him a treat as a reward. Make sure he likes the treat and be sure to reward him very promptly so he knows what it is for.
  • Don’t stop after a few days but continue for awhile.
  • I would suggest not to have a good carpet or even any carpet in the area in which he will be playing.






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