Dog Pulls Leash When Walking


One of the most annoying problems with dog training is when your dog pulls the leash when walking and you are nice enough to take him/her for a walk.

We have a dog in the family that goes jumping and running around at the mention of the leash, take a walk or especially go for ride but when she is told to sit and wait she obeys.

That is a more pleasant experience than having the dog go ballistic and not do what she is told.

There is a way to teach her to be calm and obey.

This system will teach your dog to:

  • Be calm when walking instead of pulling on the leash,
  • Stop dragging you around, instead you will be able to lead him easily,
  • Enjoy his time with you instead of chasing a squirrel.

 Some Tips to start with:

  • You have to show your dog that you are the leader so when you get the leash, do not look at your dog until your dog calms down. There is no rush because what you teach the dog now will last forever.
  • If your dog continues carrying on, put the leash away or where he/she can see it.  As soon as he looks calmer try again. It will take patience on your part as well as your dog.
  • As you continue and your dog does what you want just reward him with a light touch.
  • Each step of the way, starting inside and then continuing outside use this same process and gradually you will see a difference.
  • Then when walking with your dog, shorten up where you hold the leash so it’s about 12″ to 18″ from your hand when your arm is at your side, of course depending upon your height and your dog’s height.
  • As you walk, you must be a little bit in front. Don’t let your dog lead you.
  • Try turning, still using the same process.
  • Anytime your dog starts acting up just stop for awhile.
  • Keep using this system to help when your dog pulls on the leash and I am sure you will be surprised at the results.




Author  Marv

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