About Tom

Hi everyone,

I  have always loved dogs and almost as far back as I can remember I have had a dog as a pet.

The problem was that when I was younger I didn’t know how to properly train a dog and no one in my family did either.  So my first dog had a dog house outside, I guess so he did not have to be house trained.

Later as I got older and had my own family we of course got dogs again. Same problem–no one knew how to train them correctly. It was always hit or miss and the miss was usually on the rug. By trial and error, they all got somewhat trained.

I Love The Couch
Buster Loves the Couch

So I decided I would have to learn how to properly train our dogs.

It would be for our sanity as well as our dog’s well-being.  I read many books and looked at all kinds of references of the best dog training for behavior. We tried all kinds of methods. Some worked, some didn’t. Some were too harsh and mean to use on any pet. Some worked for a little while and then the progress stopped.

My purpose in creating this site is to offer you the best Training for Dog Problems that I have found.

I wish you many years of joy and happiness with your dogs.